PLEASE BE ADVISED (4/30/2020): LADBS Building IDs that began with the letter T (Temp IDs) have been       
converted to a 12‐digit number as follows:
        The “T” was replaced by “999” and the original Temp ID was retained as the right‐most digits with zeros
        inserted between. For example: T00001 is now 999000000001, T00021 is 999000000021, and T00321 is
The newly formatted Temp IDs must be used for all EBEWE transactions, including registering, paying fees,
checking on the status of your report at LADBS’ website and for submitting benchmark reports in Energy Star
Portfolio Manager.

Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency (EBEWE) Program

The EBEWE Program was created by City of Los Angeles Ordinance No. 184674 – it is an annual reporting program that requires you to create an account one time (may use it for multiple buildings), but you must register (includes paying a registration fee) with the Department of Building and Safety and submit a benchmark report (using Portfolio Manager) for each building no later than June 1st every year.

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