Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency (EBEWE) Program

The EBEWE Program was established through City of Los Angeles Ordinance No. 184674 which created Division 97 of the Los
Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC). It is administered by the Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) and consists of two parts:

1)   Benchmarking
     This annual program requires you to create an account one time (may be used for multiple buildings) with LADBS. Then
     annually, register your building(s), pay a fee, and submit a benchmark report (using Portfolio Manager) for each building
     no later than June 1st each year.

2)  Audits & Retro-Commissioning (A/RCx)
     The same account that was created to benchmark can be used for A/RCx to: Register your building(s), pay fees,
     and submit Energy and Water Declarations of Completion or Exemption. A/RCx is due every 5 years
     by December 1st based on the A/RCx Compliance schedule in Division 97 of the LAMC.

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