3807 W WILSHIRE BLVD 90010

Certificate Information: 3807 W WILSHIRE BLVD 90010

Application / Permit
Plan Check / Job No.
Primary Use
(5) Apartment
Work Description
., PDPP, 100% submittal. This is for Green, Das, life and Safety, and Structural check*** [NDC-178] ADDITION OF A 7,114 ROOFTOP LOUNGE AND POOL DECK TO AN EXISITNG 13 STORY BUILDING, INCLUDING A FULL Non-Ductile Concrete Retrofit AND ADAPTIVE REUSE RETROFIT TO THE ENTIRE BUILDING ***30% PDPP partial plan check submittal for Zoning and structural basis of design (SBOD) only***
Permit Issued
Current Status
Verifications in Progress on 8/25/2022

Permit Application Status History

Submitted 2/24/2022 APPLICANT
Assigned to Plan Check Engineer 3/10/2022 LARRY LEE
Corrections Issued 4/7/2022 LARRY LEE
Reviewed by Supervisor 4/26/2022 CHARLES CHANG
Building Plans Picked Up 5/3/2022 APPLICANT
Green Plans Picked Up 8/1/2022 APPLICANT
Applicant returned to address corrections 8/25/2022 LARRY LEE

Permit Application Clearance Information

DAS Clearance Not Cleared 3/10/2022 Department of Building and Safety
Green Code Cleared 9/13/2022 AARON COSTA

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