6116 N RHODES AVE 91606

Certificate Information: 6116 N RHODES AVE 91606

Application / Permit
Plan Check / Job No.
1 or 2 Family Dwelling
Primary Use
(1) Dwelling - Single Family
Work Description
Permit Issued
Issued on 4/27/2022
Issuing Office
Current Status
Issued on 4/27/2022
Certificate of Occupancy
Pending More Information

Permit Application Status History

Submitted 10/28/2021 APPLICANT
Assigned to Plan Check Engineer 11/18/2021 FARSHAD ALIMOHAMADI
Corrections Issued 11/22/2021 FARSHAD ALIMOHAMADI
Quality Review Completed 11/30/2021 SAI KHUM
Applicant returned to address corrections 1/28/2022 FARSHAD ALIMOHAMADI
Applicant returned to address corrections 2/8/2022 FARSHAD ALIMOHAMADI
Plan Check Approved 4/19/2022 FARSHAD ALIMOHAMADI
Issued 4/27/2022 APPLICANT

Permit Application Clearance Information

Address approval Cleared 12/1/2021 CARLOS AGUILERA
Eng Process Fee Ord 176,300 Cleared 12/1/2021 CARLOS AGUILERA
Permit Cleared 12/1/2021 CARLOS AGUILERA
Sewer availability Cleared 12/1/2021 CARLOS AGUILERA
Low Impact Development Cleared 1/11/2022 LONDY ALVARADO
Roof/Waste drainage to street Cleared 1/12/2022 ABDULLAH SADOZAI
Hydrant and Access approval Cleared 2/23/2022 JOHN CONNEALLY
Trees in Parkway Cleared 3/30/2022 ADALBERTO VERA

Contact Information

Contractor Owner-Builder       ,
Engineer Basma,, Ali J; Lic. No.: C53080 21757 DEVONSHIRE ST.   SUITE 3    CANOGA PARK, CA 91311

Inspector Information

OGANES TARAKHCHYAN, (818) 374-1164 Office Hours: 7:00-8:00 AM MON-FRI

Pending Inspections

No Data Available.

Inspection Request History

Footing/Foundation/Slab 5/3/2022 Corrections Issued CHRISTOPHE COCHRAN
PLUMBING-Rough 5/5/2022 Partial Approval MICHAEL TEMPLE
Sewer 5/5/2022 Approved MICHAEL TEMPLE
Footing/Foundation/Slab 5/9/2022 Approved CHRISTOPHE COCHRAN
Deputy Reinf. Concrete 5/11/2022 Conditional Approval CHRISTOPHE COCHRAN
Footing/Foundation/Slab 5/17/2022 Approved CHRISTOPHE COCHRAN
Deputy Wood Construction 7/29/2022 Conditional Approval RAFAEL CORTES
Floor/Roof Diaphrgm/Shear Wall 8/1/2022 Approved RAFAEL CORTES
Deputy Steel/Welding 8/3/2022 Conditional Approval RAFAEL CORTES
ELECTRICAL-Rough 12/13/2022 Approved KIRK SANDERS
HVAC-Rough 12/13/2022 Approved KIRK SANDERS
BUILDING-Rough-Frame 12/20/2022 Corrections Issued KIRK SANDERS
Green Building Rough 12/20/2022 Approved KIRK SANDERS
Interior/Exterior Lathing 12/20/2022 Approved KIRK SANDERS
PLUMBING-Rough 12/20/2022 Not Ready for Inspection KIRK SANDERS
Verify Sprinkler Sign Off 12/20/2022 Not Ready for Inspection KIRK SANDERS
Gas Test 12/30/2022 Approved KIRK SANDERS
PLUMBING-Rough 12/30/2022 Approved KIRK SANDERS
BUILDING-Rough-Frame 1/9/2023 Conditional Approval KIRK SANDERS
Pre-Inspection 1/9/2023 Approved KIRK SANDERS
Verify Sprinkler Sign Off 1/9/2023 Not Ready for Inspection KIRK SANDERS
BUILDING-Rough-Frame 1/20/2023 Approved KIRK SANDERS
Insulation 1/20/2023 Approved KIRK SANDERS
Verify Sprinkler Sign Off 1/20/2023 Approved KIRK SANDERS
Drywall Nailing 2/8/2023 Approved KIRK SANDERS
Shower Pan 2/16/2023 Corrections Issued JUAN VALENZUELA
Interior/Exterior Lathing 2/22/2023 Approved KIRK SANDERS
Shower Pan 3/8/2023 Corrections Issued KIRK SANDERS
Shower Pan 3/14/2023 Corrections Issued JUAN VALENZUELA
Shower Pan 3/17/2023 Approved JOHN COLEMAN