2919 N GILROY ST 90039

Certificate Information: 2919 N GILROY ST 90039

Application / Permit
Plan Check / Job No.
Primary Use
(15) Telecommunication Transmitter - wireless
Work Description
Remove (3) antennae, (3) TMAs, and coax from tower and install (6) antennae, (6)RRUs, and (2) cables on tower & new equipment cabinets on (e) concrete pad.
Permit Issued
Issued on 4/5/2021
Issuing Office
Current Status
Permit Finaled on 7/22/2021

Permit Application Status History

Submitted 11/3/2020 APPLICANT
Assigned to Plan Check Engineer 11/4/2020 REZA HAGHIGHAT
Corrections Issued 11/9/2020 REZA HAGHIGHAT
Reviewed by Supervisor 11/19/2020 TARIK SAOUD
Plan Check Approved 3/15/2021 REZA HAGHIGHAT
Issued 4/5/2021 APPLICANT
Permit Finaled 7/21/2021 MARK FERRARI

Permit Application Clearance Information

Plan Approval Cleared 3/8/2021 SANTOS SANCHEZ
ZA Case Cleared 3/8/2021 SANTOS SANCHEZ
ZA Case Cleared 3/8/2021 SANTOS SANCHEZ

Contact Information

Contractor Mastec Network Solutions Inc; Lic. No.: 984138-B 1825 PONCE DE LEON BLVD #543      CORAL GABLES, FL 33134

Inspector Information

MARK FERRARI, (213) 202-2643 Office Hours: 7:00-8:00 AM MON-FRI

Pending Inspections

No Data Available.

Inspection Request History

Final 5/26/2021 Not Ready for Inspection LANNY MERRICK
Final 7/21/2021 Permit Finaled MARK FERRARI