1001 N LINDA FLORA DR 90049

Certificate Information: 1001 N LINDA FLORA DR 90049

Application / Permit
Plan Check / Job No.
1 or 2 Family Dwelling
Primary Use
(1) Dwelling - Single Family
Work Description
Demo sfd and garage to clear lot. Sewer cap and pedestrian protection fence required.
Permit Issued
Issued on 3/9/2022
Issuing Office
Current Status
Permit Finaled on 4/11/2022

Permit Application Status History

Submitted 1/14/2020 APPLICANT
Assigned to Plan Check Engineer 1/14/2020 KAVIAN REFAHI
Corrections Issued 1/14/2020 KAVIAN REFAHI
Plan Check Approved 2/26/2020 ALFREDO JARA
Issued 3/9/2022 APPLICANT
Building Plans Picked Up 3/11/2022 APPLICANT
Permit Finaled 4/11/2022 CARLOS MATAMOROS

Permit Application Clearance Information

DPI Written Notices Cleared 2/26/2020 KAVIAN REFAHI
Demolition Pre-Inspection Cleared 2/26/2020 KAVIAN REFAHI

Contact Information

Contractor A N R Industries Inc; Lic. No.: 692368-B 10537 SANTA MONICA BLVD   STE 240    LOS ANGELES, CA 90025

Inspector Information

CARLOS MATAMOROS, (310) 914-3861 Office Hours: 7:00-8:00 AM MON-FRI

Pending Inspections

No Data Available.

Inspection Request History

Protection Fence/Barricades 3/21/2022 Approved CARLOS MATAMOROS
Special/Order Compliance 4/6/2022 Not Ready for Inspection CARLOS MATAMOROS
Special/Order Compliance 4/7/2022 Corrections Issued CARLOS MATAMOROS
Final 4/11/2022 Permit Finaled CARLOS MATAMOROS
Sewer Cap 4/11/2022 Approved CARLOS MATAMOROS