Certificate Information: 3920 W JEFFERSON BLVD 90016

Application / Permit
Plan Check / Job No.
Primary Use
(13) Office
Work Description
(N) 261'-6" x 121'-4" Irregular shaped Three Stories Core and Shell Fully Sprinklered (NFPA-13), Type VA Construction, Mixed Use Building (Office, Retail, Restaurant, & Garage); See comments.
Permit Issued
Issued on 11/15/2019
Issuing Office
West Los Angeles
Current Status
Issued on 11/15/2019
Certificate of Occupancy
Pending More Information

Permit Application Status History

Submitted 3/18/2019 APPLICANT
Assigned to Plan Check Engineer 4/11/2019 OMID HEDAYAT
Corrections Issued 4/23/2019 OMID HEDAYAT
Quality Review Completed 5/2/2019 STEVEN KIM
Building Plans Picked Up 5/3/2019 APPLICANT
Disabled Access Plans Picked Up 5/3/2019 APPLICANT
Green Plans Picked Up 5/3/2019 APPLICANT
Applicant returned to address corrections 8/5/2019 OMID HEDAYAT
Applicant returned to address corrections 8/14/2019 OMID HEDAYAT
Applicant returned to address corrections 8/26/2019 OMID HEDAYAT
Applicant returned to address corrections 9/25/2019 OMID HEDAYAT
Applicant returned to address corrections 10/23/2019 OMID HEDAYAT
Plan Check Approved 10/23/2019 OMID HEDAYAT
Issued 11/15/2019 LADBS
Intent to Revoke-Status Void 1/22/2020 TAMERA SVETICH
Re-Activate Permit 12/8/2020 TAMERA SVETICH

Permit Application Clearance Information

Address approval Cleared 5/31/2019 KAREN LE
Eng Process Fee Ord 176,300 Cleared 5/31/2019 KAREN LE
City owned building/parcel Cleared 6/5/2019 HAROOT AVANESIAN
Community Plan Implem. Overlay Cleared 6/18/2019 COLLINS ALLAN
Driveway location Cleared 6/18/2019 COLLINS ALLAN
Permit Cleared 7/10/2019 DANIEL KOZUBAL
Building over 3-story or 36-ft Cleared 8/5/2019 CALOSHA APPROVED
Miscellaneous Cleared 8/12/2019 KYLE WINSTON
Project located in CRA area Cleared 8/20/2019 JIM URQUHART
Food Service Establishment Cleared 8/21/2019 KENNETH BROWNE
Highway dedication Cleared 8/23/2019 JEANETTE VONG
Hydrant and Access approval Cleared 8/23/2019 JOHN CONNEALLY
DAS Clearance Cleared 8/29/2019 OMID HEDAYAT
Green Code Cleared 8/29/2019 DAVID MATSON
Fire Marshall Fire Life Safety Cleared 9/6/2019 PEJMAN NOORI
Construction within easement Cleared 10/3/2019 RIDWAN HARDY
Flood clearance Cleared 10/4/2019 TUYEN LE
Trees in Parkway Cleared 10/9/2019 ADRIAN SANCHEZ
Sewer availability Cleared 10/15/2019 THOMAS LANG
Community Plan Implem. Overlay Cleared 10/22/2019 KYLE WINSTON
Low Impact Development Cleared 10/22/2019 JORGE MEJIA LEMUS
Roof/Waste drainage to street Cleared 10/22/2019 ELAINE LEI
Work Adjacent to Public Way Cleared 10/23/2019 ROSA SILVA

Contact Information

Contractor Excel Property Management Services Inc; Lic. No.: 425683-B PO BOX 5357      BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90069
Engineer Aoanan,, Virgilio Cendana; Lic. No.: C36079 1041 S GARFIELD AVE STE #210      ALHAMBRA, CA 91801
Engineer Brah,, Kulwant Singh; Lic. No.: S2752 20540 CALIFA ST      WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91367

Inspector Information

EDWIN GREGORYONA, (213) 482-7357 Office Hours: 7:00-8:00 AM MON-FRI

Pending Inspections

No Data Available.

Inspection Request History

Deputy Reinf. Concrete 3/11/2021 Partial Approval EDWIN GREGORYONA
Special/Order Compliance 10/25/2021 Approved EDWIN GREGORYONA
Pre-Inspection 2/3/2022 Approved EDWIN GREGORYONA
Special/Order Compliance 8/2/2023 Approved EDWIN GREGORYONA