5801 W PICO BLVD 90019

Certificate Information: 5801 W PICO BLVD 90019

Application / Permit
Plan Check / Job No.
Primary Use
Work Description
Plan check ONLY (N) 5 Story 80 unit apartment over 1 story of commercial and 2 levels of subterranian parking ****** PDPP 100% for zoing, Building, DAS, Green, Fire life safety, Structural; total project valuation $10,703,140.00
Permit Issued
Current Status
Verifications in Progress on 8/26/2019

Permit Application Status History

Submitted 9/10/2018 APPLICANT
Assigned to Plan Check Engineer 9/28/2018 HERNAN ARREOLA
Disabled Access Plans Picked Up 10/10/2018 APPLICANT
Corrections Issued 10/11/2018 HERNAN ARREOLA
Green Plans Picked Up 10/12/2018 APPLICANT
Building Plans Picked Up 10/31/2018 APPLICANT
Quality Review Completed 11/7/2018 BILL STUTSMAN
Applicant returned to address corrections 5/22/2019 HERNAN ARREOLA
Applicant returned to address corrections 8/26/2019 HERNAN ARREOLA

Permit Application Clearance Information

Green Code Cleared 8/14/2019 KHEDER ALRAZAA
DAS Clearance Not Cleared 9/3/2019 Department of Building and Safety

Contact Information

Architect Uriu, Giovanni; Lic. No.: C7487 830 SO GLENDALE AVENUE      GLENDALE, CA 91205

Inspector Information

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Pending Inspections

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Inspection Request History

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