1865 S LA BREA AVE 90019

Certificate Information: 1865 S LA BREA AVE 90019

Application / Permit
Plan Check / Job No.
Primary Use
Work Description
NEW HVAC SYSTEMS FOR A "ROSCOE'S CHICKEN AND WAFFLES" RESTAURANT. Two Type I hoods and evaporative cooler only.
Permit Issued
Issued on 7/26/2016
Issuing Office
Current Status
Permit Finaled on 10/19/2021

Permit Application Status History

Submitted 3/29/2016 APPLICANT
Assigned to Plan Check Engineer 4/21/2016 MICHAEL CHOY
Corrections Issued 4/25/2016 MICHAEL CHOY
Quality Review Completed 4/26/2016 MANOUCHEHR SHAHRESTANI
Mechanical Plans Picked Up 4/27/2016 APPLICANT
Plan Check Approved 6/13/2016 MICHAEL CHOY
Plan Check Approved 6/13/2016 KRISANDRA TORRES
Issued 7/26/2016 LADBS
Permit Finaled 10/19/2021 TIMOTHY GRIFFITH

Permit Application Clearance Information

No Data Available.

Contact Information

Contractor Cardinali Mario; Lic. No.: 999697-B 2300 GRAHAM AVENUE      REDONDO BEACH, CA 90278
Engineer Demergian, Haig; Lic. No.: M17411 8001 W 4TH ST      LOS ANGELES, CA 90048

Inspector Information

BERNARD GRANT, (213) 482-6743 Office Hours: 7:00-8:00 AM MON-FRI
VAHIK OROJIAN, (213) 482-6743 Office Hours: 7:00-8:00 AM MON-FRI
RAYMOND CHAVEZ, (213) 482-6743 Office Hours: 7:00-8:00 AM MON-FRI

Pending Inspections

No Data Available.

Inspection Request History

Underground 7/29/2016 Not Ready for Inspection RALPH VILLALOBOS
Rough-A/C and Heating 4/12/2018 Corrections Issued JONATHAN CLARKE
Pre-Wrap Duct Insp 6/13/2018 Partial Inspection RALPH VILLALOBOS
Pre-Wrap Duct Insp 6/22/2018 Partial Approval RALPH VILLALOBOS
Pre-Wrap Duct Insp 7/10/2018 Partial Approval RALPH VILLALOBOS
Final 3/4/2019 Corrections Issued JONATHAN CLARKE
Rough-A/C and Heating 4/11/2019 Corrections Issued JONATHAN CLARKE
Final 12/12/2019 Corrections Issued DAVID ASHMAN
Hood Velocity Test 2/19/2020 Approved DAVID ASHMAN
Final 10/19/2021 Permit Finaled TIMOTHY GRIFFITH