1332-1334 N FORMOSA AVE 90046

Certificate Information: 1332-1334 N FORMOSA AVE 90046

Application / Permit
Plan Check / Job No.
1 or 2 Family Dwelling
Primary Use
(1) Dwelling - Single Family
Work Description
Demolition of 2-story single family residence and garage to clear lot. DPI/Posting 16019-30000-05260
Permit Issued
Issued on 1/20/2017
Issuing Office
West Los Angeles
Current Status
Permit Finaled on 1/29/2018

Permit Application Status History

Submitted 12/29/2016 APPLICANT
Assigned to Plan Check Engineer 12/29/2016 DEAN RYAN REYES
Corrections Issued 12/29/2016 DEAN RYAN REYES
Plan Check Approved 1/20/2017 DIEGO BAUTISTA
Intent to Revoke-Status Void 1/20/2017 SHAHEN AKELYAN
Issued 1/20/2017 LADBS
Re-Activate Permit 1/30/2017 SHAHEN AKELYAN
Permit Finaled 1/29/2018 JEFF BYTHEWAY

Permit Application Clearance Information

Address approval Cleared 1/13/2017 RAVIL MANAPOV
Eng Process Fee Ord 176,300 Cleared 1/13/2017 RAVIL MANAPOV
Housing rent stabilization Cleared 1/13/2017 CHARLES GARCIA
DPI Written Notices Cleared 1/20/2017 DEAN RYAN REYES
Demo/Removal of Rental Units Cleared 1/20/2017 JOHN BUSBY

Contact Information

Contractor Owner-Builder       ,

Inspector Information

RAUL BARAJAS, (213) 202-3244 Office Hours: 7:00-8:00 AM MON-FRI

Pending Inspections

No Data Available.

Inspection Request History

Special/Order Compliance 1/23/2017 Approved TED RIES
Final 9/20/2017 Partial Approval SAKO AGHAZARIAN
Final 1/29/2018 Permit Finaled JEFF BYTHEWAY