559 N OXFORD AVE Lot 1-Unit typ A 90004

Permit Information: 559 N OXFORD AVE Lot 1-Unit typ A 90004

Certificate Of Occupancy Details

Certificate Number
Current Status
Pending - 02/08/2018 Scott Finnila (213) 202-3422
Associated Permits

Certificate Of Occupancy Clearances: CofO on Hold

Date Description Status Phone Comment
02/08/2018 BMI Verification Pending
02/08/2018 Electrical Verification Pending (213) 202-3252
02/08/2018 Elevator Verification Pending (213) 202-9844
02/08/2018 Fire Sprinkler Verification Pending (213) 482-9585
02/08/2018 Heat,Vent,A/C Verification Pending (213) 202-3252
02/08/2018 Plumbing Verification Pending (213) 202-3252
04/03/2019 Public Works-Highway Ded. OK for CofO HD: 201700258
03/05/2020 Public Works-Open Permits CofO on Hold A2019-002462 C Reference No. 77913 (dwys, swk, drains), 78334 (comment): ok for CofO BR004016: 213-482-7474
06/27/2018 Public Works-Stormwater CofO on Hold Stormwater Observation Report (SOR) required before final signoff, download the form at http://www.lacitysan.org/lid - LID documents, and bring the form along with pictures of installed BMP and approved Stormwater stamped set of plans to 201 N. Figueroa, 3rd Floor, Counter #18.
04/03/2019 Public Works-Sewers CofO on Hold NEED RECONNECTION PERMIT W/CCTV INSPECTION C-2017501383
04/02/2019 Rec and Parks Fee Memo Reqd CofO on Hold Submit Park Fee Calculation Application (PF-1001) and attach copies of Building Permit and Demolition Permit at https://www.laparks.org/planning/park-fees

Certificate Of Occupancy Conditions

Agency Permit Description Status Comment
Department of Building and Safety 16010-10000-01381 Green Code Approved Approval for Green Building - Mandatory Compliance
Department of Building and Safety 16010-10000-01381 Hold Hold-Released Hold applied to application - call 2134826890 bad chk inv#7325827 PAID IN METRO ON 11/22/17
Cal Occ. Safety and Health Administration 16010-10000-01381 Building over 3-story or 36-ft Approved Permits required for buildings/structures over 3-story or 36 feet or more in height
Community Redevelopment Agency 16010-10000-01381 Project located in CRA area Approved Project located in CRA Area:Wilshire Center / Koreatown Redevelopment Project
Bureau of Engineering 16010-10000-01381 Address approval Approved with Conditions New or unrecognized address
Bureau of Engineering 16010-10000-01381 Eng Process Fee Ord 176,300 Approved The fee authorized by Ord. 176,300 for PW/Eng to process clearance(s) for LADBS issued permits
Bureau of Engineering 16010-10000-01381 Highway dedication Approved with Conditions Lot subject to highway dedication. NOTE: This sign-off is not to be construed as a sign-off on any engineering requirements associated with any planning/discretionary action. This is strictly a sign-off applicable to LAMC 12.37 only.
Bureau of Engineering 16010-10000-01381 Miscellaneous Approved with Conditions Early construction for small lot subdivision
Bureau of Engineering 16010-10000-01381 Permit Approved with Conditions Permit for construction of driveways/curb ramps/sidewalks
Bureau of Engineering 16010-10000-01381 Roof/Waste drainage to street Approved with Conditions Roof and/or site drainage to street
Bureau of Engineering 16010-10000-01381 Sewer availability Approved with Conditions Sewer availability and connection
Los Angeles Fire Department 16010-10000-01381 Hydrant and Access approval Approved Hydrants and access around building
City Planning Department 16010-10000-01381 Tract Map conditions Approved Parcel Map conditions (ZI1022) for Tract: AA-2015-569-PMLA-SL
Bureau of Sanitation 16010-10000-01381 Low Impact Development Approved with Conditions Obtain plan approval for development with more than 500 sf. floor area