DevelopmentT Services Case Management ( DSCM )

For food/restaurant related projects please visit the Restaurant and Hospitality Express Program webpage at and fill out the Restaurant and Hospitality Service Request Form.

Please see the attached Description of Services information sheet to see if your project qualifies for DSCM services.


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1. Please check the appropriate Project Type (check all that applies):

New Construction
Addition to Existing Building
Tenant Improvement
Change of Use

2. Please check the appropriate Proposed Use for your project(check all that applies):

Affordable Housing
Mixed Use Residential/Commercial
Charter School

3. Have you prepared working drawings/plans for this project?

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    Has your project been cited by LADBS Code Enforcement? (REQUIRED)

        Yes      No

4. Have you submitted for any City Planning Entitlement?

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5. Please provide a detailed list of questions or assistance needed. Also if you have marked any of the boxes in section #below, please list your technical code questions here per discipline.

6. Do you have specific questions for any of the following disciplines?

Please check all that applies and we will route your request based on the boxes checked below and the questions provided in section #5. Meetings may be held separately. There is a $163.50 fee for EACH meeting up to 1½ hours long.


Disabled Access
Mechanical Systems
Plumbing Systems
Fire Sprinkler Systems
Land Subdivision
Electrical Systems
Green Code
DWP Transformer design, guidelines, equipment reservation, site review, service requirements (Fee $0)
LADOT Review (Fee $0)


Thank you for submitting your application. We will review your request and a staff member will contact you shortly.

You may contact us via email at or via phone at 213-482-6864. Please visit our website at LADBS Development Services Case Management for more information about our office.

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